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You are all welcome to legits documentts. We are the number one producers of real and also novelty documents. We produce passports for sale online, driver’s license for sale, all types of Identity cards for sale, Certificates for sale, SSN for sale, Visa for sale, Diplomatic stamps for sale etc. We produce documents for all countries and will send your documents directly to your house address. So if you have been looking for a place where you can purchase legit documents, search no further because you are in the right place.

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About Legit Documents

Welcome to Legit documents. With ten years of experience, we produce original database registered which will be verified in any database system at anytime. We work effortlessly to ensure you get nothing but documents which are real and 100% secure and safe to use. As per regarding delivery, we work in collaboration with DHL, EMS, FedEx, UPS to safely deliver your package to your location using confidential sealed parcel method encryption which paves the way for you alone to have the authority to open your package. At times, you will be required to be a refundable insurance coverage for your parcel before it will be delivered to your location. So come to us for your passport, identity cards, driver’s licenses, certificates and also visa with certainty you will get nothing but quality documents which you can use to travel to the country of your dreams without any problems from the authorities.


We happen to be a team of experienced IT technicians with a lot of experience in the document production field. Our documents are 100% authentic and also safe to use and verifiable anytime any place. All the documents we produce will be registered in the system of the country which you choose. We have connections with a lot of government officials under our pay roll, and their job is to register all the information on your documents in the database system. So search no further and stop wondering about because with certainty we will give you nothing but the database registered documents

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DR Schwazz


Doctor Schwazz happens to be our main IT technician and the brain behind the production of multiple documents in our company. He has an experience of more than 9 years in document production and has been the leader of our IT department since we began operating in 2010. Very efficient and also very loyal and loves what he does. He is one of the backbones behind the success of our company.

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Bruce Chims


Bruce has a PHD both in Computer Science and Design. The passion he has for helping people who are not capable of traveling is so strong he opened this establishment to help all those who can not acquire their documents from the officials to get the document without any form or sort of stress. He is one of the best people in our company and he is out to do nothing but help all of you out there get the document you deserve.

Gaby Julia

Chief Accountant

Every company needs someone who handles all the payment likewise takes charge of all the accounting problems of the company too. Miss Julia is the best and has been loyal to us since we began working. She is an expert and helps us solve all accounting problems in the company. All payments through Wire transfer, Bank transfer, Bitcoins, PayPal etc she is the one responsible for all.

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We offer all types of services including passports for sale, driver’s license for sale, identity cards for sale, resident permit cards for sale, SSN for sale, Green cards for sale, medical certificates for sale, Visa for sale, Marriage certificates for sale, IELTS certificate for sale, NCLEX certificate for sale, TOEFL certificate for sale, bank statements, birth certificates for sale, death certificates for sale, GRE certificate for sale, GMAT certificate for sale, general culinary certificate for sale, etc. In short, just to summarize, we produce any type of document likewise certificate which you can ever imagine. Our aim is to make sure you get your documents and travel to the country of your dreams without any problems with the authorities. All our documents are authentic and registered in the database system of the country which the document is meant for. So stop wondering about and place your feet on break for you are in the right place. We assure you nothing but quality documents.

Buy Real Documents Online

Real documents are ones which can be verified in the database system of any country. Whenever the government official checks the information on your document per say a passport, then all the information on it will show up in their system proving it is 100% original and safe to use. Anytime it expires, you can either come to us for renewal or locate your official government official for renewal.

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