Andorra driver license for sale

Need a real Andorra driver license for sale? Subsequently, you need to drive your automobile on public road? Certainly, we make it happen for you. Need a license? Just continue reading.

Want to relocate to Andorra? Need a driving permit? Above all, you happen to be a driver? Anyone who has recently acquired an Andorran residence permit has a period of six months from the day of deliverance of the residence permit to exchange their driving license for an Andorran license.

Andorra driver license for sale

Andorra however is not part of the European Union. Hence, their rules for obtaining a License is different from other EU countries.

Acquiring an Andorran driving license – Three main options

The following countries below, permit you to instantly exchange your driver’s license for an Andorran license; Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France. You also have Germany, Greece and Holland. Moreover, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Sweden. Certainly, Spain, Switzerland and the Uk also partake in this effect.

Most importantly, individuals that come from these countries in the list above, must provide the following documents in order to exchange their driver’s licenses for an Andorran one:

 Your Andorran resident ID card

 Proof of residence from your municipality (approx. 7€)

 A medical certificate given to you by an Andorran doctor within the last three months (approx. 20€)

 A completed form that you can download from the Andorran government’s website, you can also find this form at your local administration authority’s office

 A recent passport sized color photo ID

 A photo copy of the front and back of your foreign driving license accompanied by the original (which Andorran authorities will keep)

While you drop off these documents above, they will also ask you to pay a fee of about 65 euro that you need to pay at the time of submission. Meanwhile, if your country of origin is not on the above list, then you need to choose between option b or c.

b) Authenticate your driving license

If you are not from of these countries that permits you to automatically exchange your driving license for an Andorran one, you hence need to get additional documents from your country of origin before you can relocate to Andorra. You will need to list the following document:

 A certificate of authentication that the department or state that issues for your driving license.

 A certificate that explains the categories of motor vehicles your driving license allows you to drive.

Need to know more? especially option c? Then contact us and place your order. Be certain that the driver’s license we provide for you is authentic and registered in the system.

This way, you can drive your car on any public road in Andorra without fears. The only thing you need to do is come to us and place your order. Let us know which category you seek.

To order your license from us is very easy. You need to just go to our website, fill in the form then submit. In less than four working days, you will have your real driving license.

So let me ask you a simple question. Do you want to go to jail? As for me i will not it is for this reason i order for real documents only. Please let’s be safe from jail. Order real documents only.

In short, you stumbling on our websites guarantees you a driving license already. We believe that any one who is able to drive has the right to a license or permit. It is for this reason we work to help you.

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