Argentina driver’s license for sale

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Anyone needs an Argentina driver’s license for sale? To drive a vehicle in Argentina you will need to have a license. However we help you, although it is not that simple.

Anyone driving any category of vehicle in Argentina needs to have a valid driving license (licencia de conducir). Therefore, you will need to carry a driver license with you anytime and presented to the officials on demand.

Additionally, and international driving permit is also in high demand for foreigners who do want to drive on public roads in Argentina.

Argentina driver’s license for sale

 Argentina driver's license for sale

However, the officials of Argentina produce the driving license for their citizens enabling them to drive any vehicle category on public roads. Basically, there exist different categories of driving license. Some we can mention to you below just to update those who have no ideas.

The Vehicle Classes: A: For mopeds, motorcycles and tricycles. A. 1: 50cc mopeds up.


  • 1: Automotive service passenger up to 8 seats and vehicles included in class B.
  • 2: Service vehicles carry more than 8 passengers and vehicles under class B, C and D.
  • 3: Emergency service vehicles and the like.


National Drivers License:

  • 21 years old: for classes: C, D and E
  • 17 years old: for the remaining classes
  • 16 years old: for mopeds

Argentina driver’s license for sale

Nevertheless, Argentina’s National Driver’s License may be in provision for a maximum period of five (5) years. The validity of the license can be deducted by the authority responsible for its issuance depending on the license holder’s situation and in accordance with the guidelines established by the National Highway Traffic Safety Agency.

We have the vehicle classes as below;

Vehicle Classes:

A: For mopeds, motorcycles and tricycles.

  • Firstly, A.1: 50cc mopeds up.
  • Secondly, A.2:
    • A.2.1: Motorcycles (including mopeds and tricycles) up to 150 cc displacement. **A.2.2: Motorcycles (including mopeds and tricycles) from 150 cc and up to 300 cc displacement.
  • Thirdly, A.3: Motorcycles (including mopeds and tricycles) over 300 cc displacement
  • Fourthly, A.4: Motorcycles (including mopeds and tricycles) any displacement referred to in the preceding paragraphs of this class, which are used for the transport of all commercial and industrial activity.

B: For cars and trucks with trailer weighing up to 750 kilograms

  • Firstly, B1: Automobiles, vans, trucks and motorized RV’s up 3,500 kg. in total weight.
  • Secondly, B2: Cars and vans weighing up to 3,500 kg. Weight of the trailer up to 750 kg. Or non-motorized trailer

C: In addition, For trucks without trailer and included in class B. Trailer or semi-trailer trucks without trailers and motor homes over 3,500 kg. in total weight. And motor weight included in the B1 class.

D: Passenger service, emergency and safety vehicles, and vehicles belonging to class B or C, as appropriate.

  • Firstly,D.1: Automotive service passenger up to 8 seats and vehicles included in class B.1.
  • Secondly, D.2: Service vehicles carry more than 8 passengers and vehicles under class B, C and D.1;
  • Thirdly,D.3: Emergency service vehicles and the like.

E: For hinged or trailer, especially not including farm machinery and trucks in class B and C

  • Firstly, E.1: Articulated trucks and / or trailers and vehicles in Classes B and C
  • Secondly, E.2: Special machineries not used in farms.
  • Thirdly, E.3: Vehicles that are used to transport dangerous cargoes.

F: Motor vehicles to be used to transport people with disabilities. Automotive in Classes B and professionals, as appropriate, customized to the need of its disabled owner. Drivers who aspire to obtain this license, must personally apply for the license and present the vehicle (customized or equipped according to their needs) they will be using.

G: Agricultural tractors and farm machineries.

  • G1: Agricultural tractors.
  • G2: Special agricultural machineries.

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