Bangladesh driver license for sale

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Want to drive in Bangladesh? Need a real Bangladesh driver license for sale? However, you do not want to take any driving tests? Just relax. Thus keep reading.

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Bangladesh driver license for sale

Bangladesh driver license for sale

Bangladesh is an amazing county. Subsequently, their officials provide their driver license for them to operate any vehicle on public roads without any problems. Successful candidates of the driving test have to submit an application in the prescribe form to the licensing authority alongside fees and related papers.

Section four however states that, the minimum age to apply for non-professional license is 18 and a person has to be 20 to apply for a professional license.

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Is it possible for me to drive in Bangladesh with Indian license?

All Foreign visitors with intentions of driving need to have an International driving permit. A valid International driving permit issued as prescribed in the 1949 Geneva Convention or 1968 Vienna Convention on road traffic is valid in Bangladesh for the duration of their effectiveness.

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