Belize Driver license for sale

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One very important documents in the world is the driver license. However, we make it easy for you to get real Belize Driver license for sale. Need to know how important it is? Thus keep reading.

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Belize Driver license for sale

Belize Driver license for sale

Subsequently, before you drive a car or an automobile likewise a vehicle on public road, then you will need to have a driver license. What then is a driver license? This is the only document that the government provides to it’s citizens to drive any vehicle on public road.

However, different categories and class of driver license exist which some are listed below;

The following classes are describe at the back of the license ID:

  • Firstly, Class A – Private Motor Cars.
  • Secondly, Class B – All Goods Vehicles.
  • Thirdly, Class B1 – Goods (Pickup) Vehicle.
  • Fourthly, Class B2 – Six Wheel Truck.
  • Fifth, Class B3 – Tandem Drive Vehicle (with Trailer)
  • Sixth, Class C – All Public Service Vehicles.
  • Seventh, Class C1 – Taxi.
  • Eighth, Class C2 – Bus.

How do I get a drivers license in Belize?Apply in person

  1. Visit the traffic department of you residence to make the application.
  2. Fill in the application from.
  3. Submit the form together with the previous / expired drivers license.
  4. The assisting officer will check the details and create an invoice.
  5. Pay for the renewal at the cashier.
  6. You application will be processed.

Is it easy to drive in Belize? Second, Belize is very much a rural country; except in Belize City, likewise to a certain degree in larger towns like Belmopan, San Ignacio, and Dangriga, traffic is pretty much nonexistent, so even though the condition of the roads isn’t the best, the driving just isn’t very stressful at all.