Bolivian Driver license for sale

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Bolivian Driver license for sale

Bolivian Driver license for sale

To get a Bolivian driving license, you need to be eighteen years of age and also a legal resident of Bolivia. Those planning to apply for a driver license while living in Bolivia, just begin the application as soon as you have the legal residency.

In addition, you need to speak Spanish to properly drive a vehicle in Bolivia, take any written courses likewise tests and accept likewise respect all traffic laws and also understand all road signage. Not speaking Spanish in no way exempts you from knowing and upholding the law while you drive in Bolivia.

Additionally, those of you who have an international driver license likewise a license from your country of origin worry not. All you need to do is present it and then apply for a Bolivian license.

Driver license for sale

Furthermore, you need to provide a list of all the documents you must gather likewise present (requisitos), also the driver’s license application procedure (procedimiento) step by step.

• One of the requirements is to have 3 photographs. It must be 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm in size. These can usually be done at any local photography shop.

• Once you have all of your documents and have obtained a receipt from the bank as proof of having deposited the correct amount due into the SEGIP’s bank account a national identification issuance office.

You will also buy a form which you will fill and also place in a folder. All the document you gather, you will need to put in that same file.

• SEGIP personnel will review your file hence will determine whether or not you fulfill all requirements to obtain a Bolivian drivers license. If you do, they will instruct you to go to the back and deposit the required payment into their account.

This process is very long as the happens to be other stages you will have to go through. Nonetheless, just be certain with us you will not need to go through these stages. All you need to do is come to us and place your order.

In short, once you place your order with us, any category of driving license you need you will get it without any problems. So place Your orders now.