Border crossing card for sale

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Do you need a place that will help you get a Border crossing card for sale? Nevertheless you want to use it’s power and be free of moving in USA?

The border crossing card is an identification document likewise a B1/B2 visa. It paves way for Mexican citizens to enter the USA without any sort of stress.

Border crossing card for sale

Border crossing card for sale

This document allows the Mexican citizens to visit the borders of USA when they want to enter by land or by sea directly from Mexico for less than a thirdly days duration.

This card will be in issue to Mexican citizens who live in areas along the American/Mexican borders. The U.S department of State is responsible for issuing the border crossing card. This card however is valid for ten years except in cases of some children.

Important Content

The border crossing card has a photo and also a machine-readable biometric data. The card even has a built-in RFID chip likewise an integrated contactless circuit.

This format makes it very easy for immigration officials at the border to scan and also admit visitors at a port of entry.

A lot of people applying for a nonimmigrant visa happens to be temporary visitors coming into the USA for business adventures. They provide the B-2 VISAS to temporary visitors for pleasure.

In general, they provide the combination of B-1/B-2 visa. It can either be in the form of crossing card and also join to the Mexican passport.

This card is valid for unlimited number of entries into the USA during the ten years period. Nevertheless, the holder might only stay in the USA for a duration of thirty days and travel only within specific areas. In general, it will not be more than 25 miles from the border.

If you wish to stay longer or travel deep into the USA, you need to request for a Form I-94 will generally be valid up to six months. You will be able to travel all through the USA.

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