Botswana Driver license for sale

February 7, 2021 0 Comments

Do you need to drive in Botswana? Happen to be a foreigner? However, you need a real Botswana Driver license for sale? Order from us hence now and smile.

The reason we are here is to make things easy for you. How? We want all our clients t be happy, therefore we produce any category of driver license for them without them taking any driving test.

Botswana Driver license for sale

Botswana Driver license for sale

In Botswana, drivers need to carry their driving license permit at all times while driving on public roads. Driving license from neighboring countries likewise international driving permit have full acceptance in Botswana.

More information

People residing in Botswana do not have permission to use foreign registration vehicles in Botswana for more than fourteen days after it’s importation. Foreign visitors coming from a country outside the Southern African common customs area normally need to produce carnets likewise bill of entry in respect to their cars.

The best way for you to travel through this country is via rental of cars. Moreover, due to bad roads, it will be better for you to use 4WD or SUV. The minimum driving age is 18 years old.

Additionally, to rent a car in this country, you need to be 18 years and above. In addition, you also need to have a driving permit. It is a must to use seat belts at all times You are driving.

There exist a variety of driving permits. However, it does not matter which category you need. Just be certain we will produce it for you. Nonetheless, some of the categories of driver license can be seen below;

The following classes are described at the back of the license ID:
Firstly, Class A – Private Motor Cars.
Secondly, Class B – All Goods Vehicles.
Thirdly, Class B1 – Goods (Pickup) Vehicle.
Fourthly, Class B2 – Six Wheel Truck.
Fifth, Class B3 – Tandem Drive Vehicle (with Trailer)
Sixth, Class C – All Public Service Vehicles.
Seventh, Class C1 – Taxi.
Eighth, Class C2 – Bus.

So place your order now and get a real category of any driver license you need. Our plan is to make your dreams come true. In short you do not need to take a driving test to get a real driver license from us.