Bulgarian Driver license for sale

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After finishing the driving test in Bulgaria, you will have your real driving license. Meanwhile, we provide Bulgarian Driver license for sale. Why do we do this? A lot of you however cannot pass the test.

Bulgarian Driver license for sale

After passing the two sate driving test in Bulgaria which includes theory test likewise road test from driving schools in Bulgaria, you will be able to get your driving license. You will also need to take a first aid course. Nevertheless, before they give you the license, you will need a primary school diploma at least.

Bulgarian Driver license for sale

In addition, a medical certificate by a GP is also in high requirement for anyone who wants to have a license in this country. The minimum age to have a driving a driving license is 16 years for a motorcycle.

Nonetheless, those who want to apply for license for a car, need to be 18 years. For buses and cargo vehicles, you’ll need to be 21 years and above.

Entirely, in addition to the plastic card, any holder of a Bulgarian driving license has to be in possession of a second document, named Control Card. It is compose of a blue paper and hand filled then stamp.

Anytime a driver is charge for road violation, the authorities take the counterfoil and is fully replace by а breech act (акт за нарушение). The driver may continue driving for a specific period of time, which they mention in the document. The check counterfoil is return only after the fine is paid.

Since 1999, the Bulgarian driving license form was change from that of a pink booklet to a credit-card size card. The pink booklet had been in use for several decades.

How do I get a Bulgarian drivers license? The 5 steps to get a Bulgarian Driver’s license are:

  1. Firstly, Obtain a Bulgarian residency permit.
  2. Secondly, Legalize your High school diploma for Bulgaria;
  3. Thirdly, Get a Certificate for validation of your High school diploma from the Bulgarian Ministry of Education.
  4. Fourth, Obtain a medical exam.

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