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Just as with passports, driver’s licenses also have a number of secret features just like the passports. Passports also have specific security features which must be applied on to every card. These secret or security features includes holograms, special paper and precise ink. We operate with the same technology to produce our passports and driver’s license.

Hologram have become a crucial part of passports and driver’s license security. Now it is very easy to forge the most complex holograms using distinct techniques. The most efficient means is to do it with a Holographic stamper. Meanwhile, applying this method, a piece of metal will be in place onto the hologram and then pressed with extensive force. Furthermore, this piece of metal can be use as a die to cast new holograms.

Additionally, security inks will also be another crucial secret feature that is in consideration here. The is a variety of secret inks which they use in driver’s licenses.

We work with themochromatic inks that change it’s color when they happen to be expose to heat or cold down extensively. Inks that make different colors from different angles, inks that dissolve when dabble with and inks that can appear likewise disappear when expose to UV light happen to be what we work with.


Anytime you take the decision on what documents you need, you will need to answer the following question that can help you arrive the right decision.

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Order Real Passports Online

Buy Or Order Real Passports Online

Buy Or Order Real Passports Online

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In this light, feel free to go through our website, take a close look at the f.a.q page and find out answers to some of the questions most of our clients require from us.

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