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What then are school records?

Buy School records online

School records include directory information about the students. It includes names, address, phone number likewise other necessary information that appears in the school yearbook. It also includes students personal identification information which includes student’s date of birth and social security number.

What are the Different Type of Records a School Has to Maintain?

  • (i) General Records. General register.
  • (ii) Records of Teachers. Service book.
  • (iii) Records of Pupils. Attendance register.
  • (iv) Equipment Records. Dead stock register.
  • (v) Statistical Data
  • (vi) Financial Records

How do they have to keep a school pupil record?

6 years max.
School log: school logs have to be retain permanently. The school records retain in the school for 6 years from the date of the last entry; then transferred to the archives.

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Buy School records online

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