Colombian driver license for sale

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Colombian driver license for sale

Just like other countries create license for their citizens, the Colombian nation too does same for their citizens. This is to enable them drive vehicles on public roads without any problems.

More information

In Colombia the driver’s license is called Pase de Conducción. Those applying for a driver license need to go to a driving school first. A list of driving schools that the Ministry of transport approves.

However, to apply for a driver license in Colombia the driver must first make sure of the following;

As soon as the application for a driving license is complete, the applicant goes to a centro de reconocimiento para conductores (test center) to finish the theory test, which is in Spanish. The theory test examines the applicant’s ability to identify road signs and their knowledge of the National Highway Code.

After successfully completing the test, the applicant must undergo a medical examination which tests reaction times, eyesight, hearing and coordination.

What we do

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