Comoros Driver license for sale

February 8, 2021 0 Comments

Just like the UK, in Comoros, you drive on the right side of the road. The least driving age is 18 years. Thus we provide Real Comoros Driver license for sale. But the question is do you Need one?

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Comoros Driver license for sale

Comoros Driver license for sale

Certainly, the Comoros officials produce their driver license for the citizens to drive any vehicle on public roads. However, just like the UK, in Comoros, people drive from the right side of the road instead like the USA and other EU countries.

Additionally, you will need to be eighteen years of age and the minimum age of renting is 24 years old. It is a must to drive with your seat belts. Failure to do so you will pay a penalty.

All the foreigners who want to drive in Comoros will need an international driving permit from their home country. If you live in Comoros, then you will need a resident permit obviously.

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