Costa Rican passport for sale

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Need a real Costa Rican passport for sale? Having fatigue because you do not know how to go about this? Find out how to get the passport.

How important is a passport? The passport is the only document that serves as an identification document internationally. It is this document that makes the country you happen to be traveling to know where your coming from. That means your country of origin likewise other details such as your date of birth etc.

The government of Costa Rica provides the passport so their citizens can travel internationally without any problems. Some passport have power whiles others happen to be very weak. According to Henley passport ranking index, the Costa Rican passport is is the 30th most powerful passport in the world. It shares a tie with Trinidad and Tobago.

Costa Rican passport for sale

Costa Rican passport for sale

Amazingly, with the passport from Costa Rica, you can travel to over 150 countries without visa or with visa on arrival. What this means is that any one who holds the passport of Costa Rica does not need a visa before they can travel to some 150 countries which they have visa free rights with.


Under normal bases, eligibility counts too. This is because before you get a passport for any country, you will need to be eligible. Most eligibility counts on bases of nationality. You do need to be a citizen of that country before you can get the passport. This holds same with Costa Rica.

However, the reason we are here, is for those of you who love traveling a lot. Yet your country of origin has very weak passport and few visa free rights. Naturally, we produce passports in two forms. The first is the normal simple process which takes 5 working days for production of your passport. Then we have the express production process which takes two working days. It all depends on how long you need or how urgent it is.

To order is very easy. All you need to do is go ot our website and click on the place an order page. Fill the form then submit. As soon as we receive your order, we will begin producing your document for you.

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