Cyprus drivers license for sale

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Do you want to operate a vehicle on public roads in Cyprus? Get Cyprus drivers license for sale thus drive on public roads no fears at all.

Cyprus drivers license for sale

The Cyprus driving license is an official documents which the government of Cyprus issues to it’s citizens authorizing them to operate any vehicle on public roads. We provide all classes of driving license for Cyprus.

Normally, in Cyprus, the department of transport which form part of the Ministry of communication and works issues licenses. Nonetheless, we have people working for the government and their job is to make sure they provide you with the same license that the officials provide.

How do we do this?

We work in line with most top government officials. However, they update us on all changes which the officials make on all drivers licenses in Cyprus. Additionally, they register all your information in the system. This ensures that you get the best legit drivers license.

Normally, the officials of Cyprus provide this documents to their citizens to make sure they can drive any vehicle on the public roads in Cyprus. For foreigners, they however need an international driving permit before they can drive in Cyprus.

You will need the following documents to get a real drivers license in Cyprus;

  1. Firstly, Two passport style photographs 40×35.
  2. Secondly, Residents Permit.
  3. Thirdly, Produce evidence that you have been resident in Cyprus for six months eg.
  4. Passport and copy of the page containing the holders information.
  5. The appropriate fee.
  6. The verbal theory test pass slip.
Cyprus drivers license for sale

With us, you will need no of these documents before you can order a real Cypriot drivers license from us. The only thing you will need is money and a little bit of patience. Basically, we take less than four working days to provide your real driving license.

So come one, come all and place your order from us. Get your real Cyprus driving license from us in very few working days.

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