driver license for sale online

Do you need a driver license for sale online? want any category of a driver’s license? do you want to drive on a public road? However, you will need to continue reading so you can find out the ways you can use to get a real driver’s license from us.

driver license for sale online

Firstly, we want you to know what a driver’s license is. This is a document which every government makes available for their citizens. Additionally, the happens to be other categories of driver’s license. For example, those who drive a bus have a different category from those who drive a normal sedan car or even an SUV.

Furthermore, people who drive lorries and trucks also have a different license from those driving mopets and bikes. Whichever category you need, just be certain that you will get the best quality driving license for any category.

The driving license is normally in the size of a credit card and also plastic. However, we want you all out there to know that you can own more than two different categories of driver’s license sych as motorcycle, car, trucks, bus or vehicles on a public road.

What are the different categories of driving license?

Category A1: This is for drivers of motorcycle with or without a sidecar. It is also for tricycles and quadricycles with a cylinder capacity more than 50 cm3 and less than 125 cm3.

Category A: This is for drivers of motorcycles with a cylinder capacity greater than 125 cm3.

Category B: This is for drivers of vehicles with a total permissible weight not exceeding 3,500 kgs and used:

– either for the transport of passengers and comprising, in addition to the driver’s seat, a maximum of eight seats,

– or for the transport of goods.

To this vehicle, may be coupled a trailer of a maximum permissible weight not exceeding 750 kgs.

driver license for sale online

Category C: This is for for drivers of insulated vehicles use to transport goods or materials with a total permissible gross weight of more than 3,500 kg.

Category D: This is for drivers of vehicles use to transport passengers and comprising, in addition to the driver’s seat, more than eight seats, with a permissible gross weight which exceeds 3,500 kgs.

Children under 10 years of age count for half a person when their number does not exceed ten.

To vehicles of this category, can be attach a trailer whose total permissible gross weight does not exceed 750 kgs.

Category E: This is for drivers of vehicles of category B, C or D, attached to a trailer weighing more than 750 kgs, the permissible total weight of which is greater than the simple weight of the towing vehicle or the sum of which total permissible weights (towing vehicle and trailer) is greater than 3,500 kgs

Category F:This is for vehicles in categories A1, A and B driven by disabled persons and specially designed to take into account their infirmity.

This license is subdivided into FA1, FA and FB.

driver license for sale online

Whichever category of driver’s license you need, come to us and place your order. Just be certain we will get it for you in days. However, we produce the express driver’s license and also the normal one. The express takes three working days while the normal production takes six working days.

So come one, come all place your order. Any category of driver’s license that you need we will produce it for you.

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