Egyptian driver license for sale

February 11, 2021 0 Comments

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Egyptian driver license for sale

Egyptian driver license for sale

To be fully eligible to obtain an Egyptian driver license, you will first of all need to be a citizen of Egypt. In addition, you will also need to be eighteen years and above. The Egyptian driver license is valid for three good years.

Full Instructions

Before you apply for an Egyptian driver license, you need to first of all proof that you are eighteen years and above. You also need to get the necessary forms from the Licensing office. Also, make sure you read carefully and fill the form.

  • Do make all the necessary payments
  • Attach all the necessary documents required;
  • Return the application form to the Egyptian motor Licensing Office; and

Must appear in person to the National issuing office for the license.

Helpful information

  • All vehicles need to carry a fire extinguisher and a red hazard triangle.
  • Vehicles have to be technically check every year except for private cars, motorcycles and tractors which are check every three years.
  • In Cairo, people drive on the right side of the road. i.e.. just like Europe
  • Unless someone is used to driving around Cairo, it’s highly required that they choose to take a taxi or the metro service rather than driving.
  • The roads in Cairo happen to always have crowds and during rush hour, many people drive aggressively.
  • Parking is also very hard.
  • Egypt has one of the highest incidences of road fatalities per miles driven in the world.
  • Driving in Cairo is a huge challenge even for seasoned residents.
  • It is recommended that newcomers and visitors do not drive.