Ethiopian passport for sale

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Need a place online that will provide you real Ethiopian passport for sale? Need to use the passport from this amazing country? Then you happen to be in the right place.

Ethiopian passport for sale

The Ethiopian passport is a travel document which the government of the amazing country Ethiopia provides to it’s citizens for international traveling purposes. This passport is a biometric readable machine passport.

How powerful is this passport?
Ethiopian passport for sale

As of July 2nd 2019, Ethiopian citizens have the visa free right for visa on arrival access to 41 countries and also territories which ranks the Ethiopian passport 99th in terms of traveling freedom. It shares a tie with passport from Congo, DEM Rep, South Sudan likewise Sri Lanka according to Henley passport index.


Anyone who needs to get the passport from Ethiopia from the officials needs to be eligible. This eligibility only comes from citizens of this amazing country Ethiopia. Hence, this means that you can only acquire the passport from the government only if you happen yo be a citizen.

Why we are here

However, you will still get your passport from us without any problems. Some will ask how? due to the fact you have to be eligible which comes on with citizenship.We work with top government officials who happen to assist us in providing real quality material which we use in producing your real passports. Additionally, they register all the data of your passport in the system making it 100% original.


We produce your passport in maximum six working days. All the information on it will be in registration of the system which you can verify using a verification diskette or url verification which we will provide for you.


Ordering from us is one of the easiest things. You have nothing to worry about at all because we have already made everything easy for you. In short, you just need to go to the place an order page, fill in the form then submit. The is also the online chat which you can use to write us on, ask your questions and also place your order. Then you have the WhatsApp which you can write us directly to place your order. You can also email us directly with your order and we will respond.

Express Passport

We provide the express passport production service. With this method, we take three working days only for it to come to reality. All you need to do is place your order. In the comment box, specify if you will need the express passport so we can give you more details.

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