Fake Green Cards For Sale

March 25, 2021 0 Comments

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Fake Green Cards For Sale

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Fake Green Cards For Sale

The counterfeit green cards that we produce for you looks exactly the same as the real green cards for sale. The only difference is that all the information on the real green cards happens to be in the system registered. On the other hand, the fake green card has no information registered in the system.

From above, you can clearly know which one of them to order. The green card is a doc which the government of the USA provides to their citizens to have a permanent stay in their country. It proofs that a citizen has been in the USA for a long time without crimes most at times.

In addition, the green card will permit you to work, get health facilities and enjoy most of the rights which American citizens have. Hence, it is a very important document for anyone especially foreigners to acquire. Therefore, as a foreigner this is the American dream document for you.

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