Gambian driver license for sale

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Normally, we always like to give a rundown on what we do here so the clients can best understand. Our only job here is making sure we help all of you out there to get any driving license category without taking any test or going through any stressful process.

Gambian driver license for sale

Gambian driver license for sale

Drivers need a license in Gambia before they can get behind the wheels of any category of vehicles. For this to happen, you need to first of all fill the application form. This is to first get a provisional learners license.

When you submit your provisional leaners license, with all necessary documents, you will also need to pay for a D100. Moreover, the learners driving license is valid on for three months.

Gambian driver license for sale

Passing your driving skills and also passing the exams. Successful applicants will be issues with a certificate of competence which indicates the choice of the vehicle category such as:

Firstly, Group A: Private motor car

Secondly, Group B: Motorcycle

Thirdly, Group C: Commercial vehicle

Fourth, Group D: Motor vehicle of special type.

As a Gambian citizen, you must present one of the following documents before getting a driving license. Either a National ID Card or Provisional license plus certificate of competence.

For non Gambian citizens, you have to present the following documents:
Residential Permit A/B + Foreign Driving License
Provisional License + Certificate of Competence

For you to be eligible to get a driving license from Gambia, you will first of all need to be 18 years and above. Holders of foreign driver license may use their license to drive around the Gambia for 90 days. After the holder needs to acquire a Gambian driver license.

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