Ghanaian driver license for sale

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In Ghana, any foreigner has to have an international driving permit before any of them can get behind the wheel of a vehicle on public road in this country.

For you to get a Ghanaian driver license, you first of all need to be eligible. For that that to be effective, you will need to be a citizen of Ghana.

Ghanaian driver license for sale

Back to the driver license. Certainly, the driver license is the only document that gives anyone the right to drive any vehicle on public roads in all countries in the world.

The driver license is usually in the form of a credit card and has different categories. Some of these categories includes:

The following classes are described at the back of the license ID:
Firstly, Class A – Private Motor Cars.
Secondly, Class B – All Goods Vehicles.
Thirdly, Class B1 – Goods (Pickup) Vehicle.
Fourthly, Class B2 – Six Wheel Truck.
Fifth, Class B3 – Tandem Drive Vehicle (with Trailer)
Sixth, Class C – All Public Service Vehicles.
Seventh, Class C1 – Taxi.
Eighth, Class C2 – Bus.

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Additionally, we work with top officials in the Ghanaian government. Their job is to provide us with basic information and update which the officials make on the driver license.

In addition, they also register all the information on your driver license in the Ghanaian system. This make sure your driver license is original. Anytime an official checks your license using a data reading machine, all information will pop up proving it is real.

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