Greek driver license for sale

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Need a Greek driver license for sale? Want to thus get behind a wheel in Greece? Need a driver license online? Hence, search no more.

In Greece, the driving license is a government right for all those who ask for it likewise they have the right to get the category they want. However, you will need to be at least sixteen and above before you can order for a motorcycle license. For those who want a driver license for a car, they will also need to be of same age.

Nonetheless, those who want to get behind the wheels of buses and cargo vehicles categories, need to at least twenty one years of age and above for them to get the license of this category.

Greek driver license for sale

Greek driver license for sale

Nonetheless, to get the Greek driver license, you will need pass through a two stage test in a driving school. The first is the theory test and then the second is the road test.

Furthermore, you will need to hold at least a primary school diploma before you can obtain a driver license from Greece.

How do I get a Greek drivers license?

E.L.P.A.: You must obtain the following:

  1. Official translation of the American license at the foreign ministry.
  2. Chest ex-ray.
  3. Eye test.
  4. Greek I.D. or residence permit.
  5. Four photographs.
  6. Application.
  7. Bill of health from an MD.
  8. Verification that the license is real from E.L.P.A.

How long does a Greek driving License last?

15 years Driving License Validity

Greek driving licenses for A- and B-class vehicles are valid for 15 years from the date of issue. C-class and D-class licenses happen to be valid for five years from their date of issue.

For foreigners, you will need to be ready to exchange your driver license for a Greek one. Anyone who does not want to exchange their driver license will hence need to take a driving test which is not easy to pass.

We are here for people who keep failing the tests and hence need to get the license so they can drive on pubic roads. Just come to use and place your order.

In conclusion, we will get your real driver license which you will be able to use in driving in less than four working days.