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The green card as many people call it happens to be a known as a permanent resident permit card which allows you to live and work in the United States of America. The steps to acquire a green card depends on your individual condition. When you have a green card, it means the governemnt of the USA has permitted you to live and work in the USA on a permanent bases as proof of that status, U.S citizenship likewise immigration services grants a person a permanent resident card which people normally known as green card. It takes up to 7 to 33 months to proces a gret card application. The green card production time depends on the type of green card you happen to be applying for, the location of processing office and other factors. Family preference Green cards, processing takes from 1 to 10 years depending on the wait time and also yearly caps. Here at legitsdocumentts, we help you acquire all types of real resident permit cards for sale. All the USA resident permit cards we produce or the green cards we have for sale are authentic and 100% registered into the database system of the USA.


Do you need a GREEN CARD FOR SALE? Searching for a place that will make your dreams come true in days? Why bother when you have us? We are the number one online place that will provide you with valid, registered likewise authentic renewable green cards online. It does not matter if you are African, Asian, European, Puerto Rican or any other race. We do not even care about your gender or religion. However, all you need to be sure of is that if you find yourself in the category of people who need a real green card, then we are the right place to make your dreams come true.  We work discretely with top government officials who provide us with the real green cards you need. Order now and turn your dreams to a reality.

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