Iraq driving license for sale

February 14, 2021 0 Comments

Need to drive in Iraq? Certainly you will need a drivers license. Want a place that can provide real Iraq driving license for sale? Bother not.. Thus we are here for you.

As you might not know, that is specifically for those who still have no clues, the drivers license is the only document that permits anyone to operate a vehicle on public roads.

However, each country in the world has its own rules and regulations when it comes to providing this document. In most cases, you have the age limit which shows that anyone has to be seventeen years and above before they can apply for this document.

Nevertheless, you will need to take a driving test from the driving schools which the states approves. Either you will be a national of that country or have a permanent residency permit.

Iraq driving license for sale

Iraq driving license for sale

Certainly, Iraq provides the real driver license for their citizens to enable them drive vehicles of any category on public roads. This includes normal cars, trucks, buses etc. Any of these vehicles have different classes of license.

To clarify, Iraq has signed two conventions with the United Nations. In Iraq, as a visitor, you need to have an international driving permit that gives you the permission to operate with a vehicle on their public roads.

What age can you drive in Iraq?

StateMinimum driving age
Iraq 16 for motorcycles 18 for cars

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