Israel driving license for sale

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The driving license is one of the most important docs in the world. However, we provide real Israel driving license for sale. Want to know more? Then continue to read.

It’s no longer strange that anyone out there will normally want to avoid stress. This is because in most cases, to acquire a driving license, you first of all need to go to a driving school and take driving tests.

A lot of people fail these tests and cannot get a driving license till they past these tests. They normally have the theory test and the traffic control test which is mandatory to pass.

Israel driving license for sale

Israel driving license for sale

In Israel, the driving license comes in twelve types. It is very similar to that of the European driving license. However, some slight differences do occur. To receive a driving license in Israel, the applicant needs to medical and eye checkup likewise a theoretical test. They have to take these both tests before engaging for the physical one.

Unlike many other countries, to drive in Israel, you need to have just the driving license from your origin country. Nevertheless, you will also need to be 21 years of age and above if you will want to rent a car. The is no need for international driving permit.

Types of driving license

In Israel, we have the following types of driving licenses;

  • A2, A1 and A licenses – for two-wheeled vehicles, with a horse power limit set at: A2 – 14.6 HP, A1 – 47.46 HP, A – no limit
  • B – for passenger vehicles up to 3.5 tons likewise up to 8 passengers (driver non inclusive)
  • C1, C – trucks.
  • C1 for private minibus up to 8 passengers. C – for trucks up to 12 tons and also no tonnage limit
  • Certainly, D3, D2, D1, D – for large passenger vehicles. However, D3 will be for private minibus up to 5 tons, Meanwhile D2 is for a public minibus with the same tonnage limit, Then D1 for a public transport vehicles with up to 16 passengers, while D will be for buses.
  • C+E – for commercial motor vehicles, up to 3.5 tons.
  • 1 – for tractors (not included in EU?

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