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Many people don’t know. But the passport is the only traveling document that identifies you internationally. The government provides this document so you can travel internationally either for schooling, touring or working abroad. This holds same for Italy.

About Italy

Wow! That is all i can say when it comes to Italy. This is no doubt one of the most amazing countries in the world. It has a lot of diversity and style. Italy is one of the best countries that produces shoes, clothes etc. Additionally, Italy is known for producing the best sports cars such as Ferrari. Moreover, people know Italy for it’s diversity in cuisine.

Geographically, Italy is in Europe and the capital of this amazing country is Rome. It belongs to the Schengen region and so uses the Euro as their currency. However, Italy has a population of 60.36 million. Trust me this country is so endowed with a lot of cultural diversity and no one will not want to die without going there.

Italian passport for sale

Italian passport for sale

Italy has biometric passports since 25th October 2006 and the passport is valid for 10, 5 or 3 years. Every Italian citizen is also a citizen of the European union. The eligibility for acquiring the Italian passport is the Italian nationality.

Italy’s passport it fourth in the third raw and happens to be in the top five since the index began in 2006. It remains more powerful that one from the UK or US which have visa wavers with 184 countries. Astonishing right? Nonetheless, with the Italian passport, you can travel to over 188 countries. Italy’s passport however ties with Finland, Spain, and Luxembourg.

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