Ivorian driver license for sale

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Ivorian driver license for sale

Ivorian driver license for sale

Certainly, anyone who wants to drive in Ivory coast on public roads needs to have a driving license. This is the only document that the government of Ivory coast produces to enable you drive any automobile of any category on public roads legally.

First of all, to get the driver license officially, you will need to apply in person. To do so, you need to follow the steps below;

Enroll in a driving school

People having interest and wish to obtain a drivers license require to enroll in any driving school the government approves and attend all driving classes.

Additionally, at the end of the driving training coarse the candidate will then need to sit for their practical and theory driving exams.

In addition, successful candidate will be issued with a certificate of aptitude for the theoretical and practical examination.

Nonetheless, you will then require to apply for the driver’s license at the Centre de GestionIntégrée de service (CGI).

Then you will need to book an appointment with the CGI.

After that, you will need to do is fill in you applicant;

Moreover, you have to visit the regional integrated Service Management Center (CGI) office, you had book an appointment with at the specific date and time.

Go to the Department of transportation service desk and tell him or her all your interest, fill out the application form accurately.

Select the control ticket service number and wait for your ticket number to be called.

Submit the completed form along with the supporting documents to the attending official for verification and processing.

Payment the application fees at the in-house bank. Make sure you collect a receipt.

Collect your driver’s license

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