Japan passport for sale online

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Japan has one of the most powerful passports in the world. With this passport you can travel to a lot of countries in the globe. We help you get your real Japanese passports without you going through the stressful process of acquiring from the authorities. So tell me what can be the reason for you not ordering from us? Order your real Japanese passport now and travel without stressing.

Japan passport for sale online

Japan passport for sale online

Japan passport for sale online

Firstly, we will like to update you about the Japanese country. Japan is one of the most powerful country in Asia. Japan is an island country of the East Asia in the northwest Pacific Ocean. It borders the Sea of Japan to the west likewise extends from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and then Taiwan in the south. The capital is Tokyo and their currency is the Japanese yen. They have a population of 126.5 million. Their national language is Japanese.

The Japanese passport is a document which the government of Japan issues to their citizens for international traveling purposes. Additionally, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues the passport. The Eligibility is to have a Japanese citizenship. Expiration: 10 years or 5 years after acquisition for adults, 5 for ages under 19.

Japan passport ranking

Japan’s passport is the highest travel mobility which allows holders to travel to over 191 countries visa-free on arrival according to the 2020 Henley passport index. To have a Japanese passport, you will need to live in Japan more than 5 years. You or your spouse must be financially stable. You will loose your own nationality once you get the Japanese citizenship.

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