Marriage green card for sale

March 15, 2021 0 Comments

Happen to be a married couple in the USA? Thus get the next big thing. We provide you real Marriage green card for sale. Place your order now

Marriage green card for sale

Do you live permanently in the USA as a couple? Then you will need to apply for a real marriage green card. The marriage green card will permit you and your spouse as citizens of the USA or green card holders to live likewise work in any place of the USA.

Marriage green card for sale

The green card has a permanent resident status until they decide and if that is by their wish to apply for a U.S citizenship for which they can become eligible after three good years.

To get a marriage certificate you need to take three basic steps which includes establishing the marriage relationship (Form I-130). In addition, you will have to apply for the green card (Form I-485 or Form DS-260). Moreover, you need to attend the green card interview and await approval.

Basically, the U.S government goes through two different processes to choose a spouse eligibility for a marriage green card. The right process will depend on the place where the spouse lives currently. If you live in the USA, and seek for a green card, the next step is to file for Form I-485. The I-485 is full with USCIS and its main aim which is to establish that the spouse happens to be eligible for the green card.

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