Mauritius drivers license for sale

March 23, 2021 0 Comments

Do you need any class of Mauritius license? Get a real Mauritius drivers license for sale? We provide the best hence order now from us.

Mauritius drivers license for sale

Nonetheless, which ever driving license you need, you will get it from us here. It is very simple all you need to do is order. It takes very few days for us to provide a valid drivers license for sale here. However, the class of driving license you need will not matter because we will provide any category you want.

Do you know who is responsible for providing driving license in Mauritius? Well the traffic police branch force is responsible for providing the drivers license. The application of driving license will be in provision in a police form and will be in companionship of non refundable application fee of Rs 500.


Mauritius drivers license for sale

Unlike other countries, to acquire a drivers license officially from Mauritius, you will need to go through the police commissioner. Additionally, you will need to provide a valid birth certificate. Moreover, you will need to provide a national ID card or a student ID card. If you have a marriage certificate, you can also provide.

Furthermore, you will need to provide a residence permit and a passport and this is if you find yourself among those who happen no to be citizens.

However, this country recognizes the Geneva road traffic Convention law. It states that anyone who has an international driving permit which he’s or her home country provides, will hence not need a driving test in Mauritius.

Nonetheless, here at legit documents for sale, we do work with the best team to make sure we provide you driving license for any class. Nevertheless, if you drive a truck, bus, lorry, private car or also a public transport car, we will provide you a license.

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