Spanish passport for sale

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About Spain

Do you know about Spain? Do you want to travel to this amazing country? Then you will need to first of all know about the country. Spain is a country in Europe and the capital is Madrid. It uses the Euro as their currency. Moreover, Spain belongs to the Schengen agreement and has a population of 46.94 million.

Spanish passport for sale

Spanish passport for sale

Additionally, with the Spanish passport, you can travel to over 188 countries around the world without visa. It ties with Finland, Luxembourg and Italy. Our job is to make sure you travel to many countries using the real Spanish passport.

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The passport is a document which countries issue to their citizens to use for traveling out of their country. It helps the receiving country know your exact nationality. Eligibility for the Spanish passport is to first of all be a Spanish citizen. If you are not, then you will need to apply for a Spanish nationality after ten years of residence in Spain. You can also acquire the Spanish nationality through marriage or birth.

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