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TOEFL CERTIFICATE FOR SALE. This is a test of English as a foreign language standardized test to measure the English language ability of non-English speakers who want to enroll in English-speaking universities. The test is acceptable in plenary English speaking academic likewise professional institutions.

Annual number of test takers: 2.3 million p.a
Knowledge / skills tested: Reading, listening, speaking and writing of the English language
Score / grade validity: 2 years
Scores / grades used by: More than 10,000 colleges, agencies and other institutions in over 130 countries.
Countries / regions: 4,500 test centers in 165 countries.
Prerequisites / eligibility criteria: No official prerequisite. Intended for non-native English speakers.

Many people fail English exams not because they cannot speak or write English fluently but because this exam is advanced and also require a lot of concentration and patience which many people do not have. This is where we come in. You just need to stay at home and give us the score you want to acquire in this exam and be certain we will give you the best scores which is database registered.


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