Tuvaluan passport for sale

February 3, 2021 0 Comments

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Tuvaluan passport for sale

 Tuvaluan passport for sale

Openly, the government of Tuvalu hence provide their biometric passport for their citizens. This is to make sure they can travel out of the country to other countries.

From that explanation, it is clear to you what a passport is. If you it is not yet clear to you then let me explain. In few words, the passport is that document that gives anyone the right to travel out of their country to another.

Some passport have visa free rights to access some countries without visa likewise with visa on arrival. Some of these passport cannot get access to some countries without getting a valid visa.

Strength of this passport

Starting from First of July 2019, all citizens of Tuvalu likewise any holder of the Tuvaluan passport have access to over 126 countries and alongside territories without visa or visa on arrival. This ranks the Tuvaluan passport 44th in terms of traveling freedom. It shares a tie with Nicaragua and Ukraine passport. This calculation is by Henley passport index.

With this visa free rights and access, a lot of foreign bodies want to hold this passport. This is because they want to travel to these countries that the passport has visa free rights to for different reasons.

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