United Kingdom driver’s license for sale

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Firstly we will like you to have a knowledge about what a driver’s license is and this is because a lot of people ask this question to us on a daily bases. A driver’s license is a permit or a license which the officials provide to their citizens. This is mostly so they can drive on public roads.

The penalty for driving without a license in the UK is a fine of 1000 pounds. This leads to 3-6 points on your license under the LC10 conviction.

What happens if i drive under alcohol influence

However, the maximum prison sentence the court will intentionally impose for causing a death by careless driving under the influence of alcohol is 14 years. for causing death by careless driving and for causing death.

United Kingdom driver’s license for sale

Basically, the happens to be different categories of driving license. These categories and classes we will list below

Light vehicles and quad bikes. Category B1.
Motorcycles. Category A1.
Medium sized vehicles. Category C1.
Large vehicles. Category C.
Minibuses. Category D1.
Buses. Category D.
Other categories. G – road roller

United Kingdom driver's license
What is category b1 on a UK driving License?

For instance, when you pass your car test – a category B will appear on your driving license. A B1 driving license category would be motor vehicles not exceeding 550kg and a C1 category driving license (large goods vehicle) permits you to drive vehicles weighing between 3,500 and 7,500kg.

What is a Class 2 driver’s license UK?

C – also referred to as Class 2 or Rigid this category permits the license holder to drive any large goods vehicle with a trailer with a maximum authorized mass of up to 750 kg. A driver can obtain this license from the age of 18.

What is a Class C license UK?

Firstly, category C license allows drivers to drive vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, but must not exceed 32 tonnes. Category C (or Class 2 as they are otherwise know) licenses typically cover a vehicle with a cab and trailer fix permanently together. In other words, what we would consider a ‘standard lorry.

What is Category A on a UK driving License?
Category A

Secondly, You can drive: motorbikes with a power output more than 35kW or a power to weight ratio more than 0.2kW/ kg. motor tricycles with a power output more than 15kW.

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