Where to get resident permit cards

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Happen to be a foreign national? Hence you search for Where to get resident permit cards? Then just know you are in the right place.

Where to get resident permit cards

A residence permit is a document likewise card which is in full recommendation in some regions granting permission to foreigners to stay in a country for a specific or given period of time.

However, we have two types of residency permit which includes the permanent residency and also the temporary residency.

With the permanent residency, the foreigner has the right to stay in a region for a long period of time. However, the citizen can also stay there forever.

Where to get resident permit cards

On the other hand, the temporal residency means the citizen has the permission to stay in a specific region for a short period of time and must return back to their country after exhaustion of this length of time.

The rules vary among regions. This is because in some cases, you will need a temporary residence permit yo stay past some threshold. It can additionally also be a step towards applying for a permanent residency.

The happens to be a lot of reasons likewise criteria which must be met for acceptance of a residency permit. Nonetheless, it also changes as time thus changes.


However, the residency permit provided is valid for a period of five years for the purpose of voluntary service activities. The validity period of a resident permit card can also extend to a minimum of five years time.

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